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We're delighted to be able to say we have an agency with Sanitas, the longest established healthcare provider in Spain.  


As a wholly owned subsidiary of BUPA, you are guaranteed the best of care, with over 40.000 medical professionals, giving access to consultation, treatment and the most advanced diagnostic tests in more than 1.200 centres of assistance, including some of the most prestigious national hospitals and clinics.


All this must come at a great cost, we can hear you say? Not at all! You will be pleasantly surprised at how little a policy will cost.


As an example, a 34 year old will pay just 46,90 € per month, for which he or she is entitled to:


*  Visits to your GP


*  Specialists, such as those in the fields of Dermatology, Opthamology, Gynaecology, traumatology etc.


*  Diagnostic tests, such as ecographs, radiography, scans, analysis etc.


*  Therapy, such as physiotherapy, rehabilitation, oncology treatment etc.


*  Surgical interventions, whether as an outpatient or with hospital stays.


*  Hospitalisation


*  Dental treatment - check ups, cleaning, extractions


All the above is included in this particular example. There are even options to choose your own doctor or surgeon (Spain or abroad) who is not already on the extensive team - a team, incidentally, which includes the legend on the Costa del Sol known as Doctor Victoria Chacon!!


Because choosing the correct healthcare company is of prime importance to you and your family, it is vital you have all the facts at your disposal before making a decision. For this reason we invite you to come along and discuss your needs with us in private and with a relaxing cup of coffee in your hand!


Contact us now and we can fix a time convenient to you to discuss one of the most important aspects of living life in Spain.





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One day you may well look back and laugh  . . . . .


"I told the police I was not injured, but on removing my hat, I found I had a fractured skull."

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"First class service from top class people. We would highly recommend them to all our friends."

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