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When you buy an apartment in a block, or live in a townhouse on an urbanisation, the running and maintainance costs are divided by the number of owners and this is the community fee which you pay monthly or annually.


Part of the community fee pays the community buildings insurance. Each community has to have a minimum amount of insurance. We are able to offer an excellent policy to protect your community providing cover for material damage to the community buildings and furniture, plus damage caused by fire, smoke, impact, explosion and lightning.


Cover also includes acts of vandalism, electrical damages, risks due to natural disasters, flooding, spillage from automatic fire extinguisher installations, damage to underground pipes, theft, robbery and damages and also aesthetic restoration of building and contents.  


In addition, costs relating to material damages are covered such as demolition and removal of debris costs, firefighting costs, mud cleaning costs and restoration of damaged files. There is 24 hours claims assistance in the event of an incident.


Talk to your community president or administrator and suggest we can offer a like for like quotation from one of the

biggest insurance companies in Spain.


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